Sail Club

Ashtabula Yacht Club Sailing Squadron

For over 50 years the Ashtabula Sailing Squadron has proudly represented the competitive sailboat racing arm of AYC. Our members have competed both within the Great Lakes and throughout the world. The Squadron is composed of sailors both young and old, as well as new and experienced skippers and their crew. 

Traditionally our club races on Sundays through the season --beginning in May and and ending in October. Also, our boats also regularly compete in races throughout Lake Erie and beyond. Many of our members compete in destination races, and we have had a proud tradition for many years of racing to Port Stanley Ontario and back. 

We always welcome new competitors. If you are a sailboat skipper in our club, joining AYC, or belong to another club don't hesitate to contact us and participate in our racing schedule. 

If you are interested in learning about racing or joining one of our boats don't hesitate to contact us and become part of our great sailing heritage!