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  1. Launch will begin on April 28th and run Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays through June 4th.   Masts must be on the boat no later than June 11th.  There will be fines and public stonings for those leaving masts in the front  yard by the clubhouse or  behind the mounds.   This is a yacht club and not a storage facility.
  2. Call Glenn- 724-504-6003  to schedule.  Don’t wait to the last minute or you will be in trouble.  You will not be allowed to schedule a launch without first providing a current insurance policy for the boat and being current on all dues, dockage and assessments. 
  3. You must be at the club and check in between 8 am and 11 am.  If you cannot make the launch, a regular member in good standing must be present on the boat.   Late arrivals will not be tolerated and your boat must be ready for launch.  Launch is first come first serve.   AYC depends on its members to launch and haul boats, and your tardiness or lack of preparation is inconsiderate of those devoting their time.   People who fail to show or provide 24 hour notice of cancellation, without just cause, will be fine $150.00.

Arnie Esterer Memorial Race

Marrko Cup

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The Arnie Esterer Memorial Race (former Marrko Cup) Results:

021 Arnie Esterer Memorial Results:


Controversial but we know


Elusive 1:47:18

Night Music 1:55:56

Orion 1:58:09

Condor 1:58:30

Hanalei 2:00:08

Pinafore 2:00:31

Southern Cross 2:01:27

Tipanic II 2:04:59

S S Marty 2:06:58

Grimalkin 2:10:42

Happy Hours DNF

May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'Thank You Wine donated Markko Vineyard ARNIE, David, Lisa Esterer Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, search google for our website -HOuRS: Thurs. -Sat. 12-6 -4500 South Ridge Rd. Conneaut 440 440-593-3197 -3197'