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Lake Erie International Race (LEIR)

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Ashtabula Yacht Club has partnered with the Port Stanley (Ontario) Sailing Squadron for over 50 yeras on an epic 48 mile race across Lake Erie.  This year, AYC will gather at Port Stanley on June 28th, enjoy a few pints of Smithwicks at the Kettle Creek Inn, some great perch at area restaurants, and race back on Monday July 1st.  This is always a great time and everyone is welcome.  Call the club at 440-964-3129 or email aycohio@yahoo.com.   Hope to see you at the noon poetry reading at the Inn on Sunday! 

June 5 update

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Despite a lot of rain and some high water, all the boats are in, the docks have been repaired, trees, shrubs and flowers have been planted, and things are looking bright at AYC!  Our efforts have been noticed not only by our club members but we've had six new members join this year and more are inquiring every day.  This is a great club at a destination port and we're making an investment in our future and that of our community.  If you're interested in joining a club on the move, give us a call at 440-964-3129, email us at aycohio@yahoo.com or stop on by and meet us.  

Events just completed are our opening season party catered by Halcyon that drew almost 100 people, our first sailboat race and a safe boating certification class attended by more than thirty people.  Events coming up are the dock crawl on June 8th, the Arts Center Regatta on June 23rd and our annual sailboat race with the Port Stanley Sailing Squadron, this year from Port Stanley to Ashtabula on July 1.  

We are within easy walking distance of HilMaks, Rennicks, Bascule Grille, Briquettes, Halcyon and other great restaurants. Visit Ashtabula and join the fun. 

Dock Crawl

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Dock Crawl - party from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. followed by party at 7:00 p.m. with DJ Craig Emmitt.